Deadpool and Korg React
Two members of the MCISnets react to the upcoming film featuring Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi.

Free Guy. In theaters and definitely NOT streaming on August 13th.

  • Adski James
    Adski James

    Never take Korg for granite!

  • Meliodas

    The bank in the movie was filmed in my neighborhood. Didn't have a chance to see Ryan. But did see all the extras.

  • Jeremy Barlow
    Jeremy Barlow

    Taika making fun of himself as Korg & Ryan making fun of himself as Deadpool while marketing a property that they both made at Fox before Disney bought it with characters Disney now owns after Disney bought Fox.

  • Affan Alam
    Affan Alam

    I thought this was a fake movie. It is not

  • Omar Cuevas
    Omar Cuevas

    like jonh wick

  • lyssa

    I am so watching this one. Bye

  • Luke Lopez
    Luke Lopez

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  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma

    You have a disney plus show, dont you f*** they have me at that line.

  • Stopsicle Animations
    Stopsicle Animations

    Best reaction video Ever!

  • Clairvoyant Amnesiac
    Clairvoyant Amnesiac

    1:01 WILHELM scream!

  • Estephen Jude Selloria
    Estephen Jude Selloria

    These deadpool variants are al over the place

  • ThatOneAsianKid

    Notice how this was released a day before the last loki episode possibly meaning that this is the gateway for deadpool into the mcu

  • amel Anatasya
    amel Anatasya

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  • Abhishek Limbu
    Abhishek Limbu

    When you are not casted into the marvel cinematic universe. Dead pool: fine I'll do it myself

  • Jeggson Vohees
    Jeggson Vohees

    I'm just gonna say it, Fridging happens to guys too. It's, how you say, "Gender fluid"?

  • A S Sonone
    A S Sonone

    Nice 👍🏽

  • David Brigham
    David Brigham

    So far this video is the best movie of 2021!

  • A Weird Thing
    A Weird Thing

    "Yea, I prefer Dark World" ~Deadpool~

  • Nicholas Kozer
    Nicholas Kozer

    Deadpool is in the MCU and him meeting Korg is just the coolest.

  • Craig Roberts
    Craig Roberts

    Love deadpool that much that the next day after watching the first movie I got the Ryan Reynolds DP tattooed on me 🤦‍♂️

  • Tim Hackett
    Tim Hackett

    You get a like for the NZ accent

  • Childish Nerd
    Childish Nerd

    Has any other actor besides Ryan Reynolds played two characters named “Guy”? First in “The Croods”, and now in “Free Guy”.

  • JaIsJa


  • GeniX_DK

    When is the next Deadpool react coming out?

  • Rori Gillmore
    Rori Gillmore

    wth even a simple reaction video with world star actors feels like a movie expierience. you just don't want to skip it and you need to watch it

  • Mike Jack
    Mike Jack

    Nice, 👍

  • sadmars 13
    sadmars 13

    Mon super héros préféré de tout les temps

  • Brandon Oliver Sosa
    Brandon Oliver Sosa

    “Half a f***ing penny a view for this sh*t” So that’s $55,000 as of the time when this comment was made.

  • Cristopher

    so far that movie looks like a mix between The Truman Show and Ready Player One

  • Ella Owen
    Ella Owen

    The overwrought bucket phytochemically bounce because banker selectively shop like a domineering volleyball. wary, creepy chard

  • PhantomViper YT
    PhantomViper YT

    I just love this

  • Ebbonney Scharff
    Ebbonney Scharff

    What's up with that whole lamp hype... right?!

  • Santosh Kumar Desai
    Santosh Kumar Desai

    He can make B-est of the B movies Best!!!

  • Majin Boi
    Majin Boi

    deadpool, a korg hater, nickelback lover, and dark world fan, my fucking man


    I hope their next movie is called Reynolds. Which is the movie about every movies Ryan Reynolds star in.

  • minerva -
    minerva -

    We need more of this

  • Alain Dufresne
    Alain Dufresne

    was I dreaming? lot-to versus lotto sign in free guy, I prefer Lot to !!!! Have a nice day !

  • Susan Urbanczyk
    Susan Urbanczyk

    How much fun it would be fun to write for Ryan Reynolds.

  • Vinayak Sharma
    Vinayak Sharma

    Poolverse coming along nicely

  • Sebechel Otong
    Sebechel Otong

    Alright everyone, say it with me: The Lego Movie

  • I'm illiterate
    I'm illiterate

    I can't believe Wade has Patreon but not OnlyFans.

  • SoupinSpace

    Taika Waititi complementing himself Ryan Reynolds insulting himself I'd say we've reached a good balance.

  • vishal__chabaria

    Ae you Canadian actor come to Bollywood I will cast you in my next upcoming film. "Tera pyar hookah mar"

  • Avalloc

    I'm only watching this for Korg, I mean you're great and all paul but you're no korg.

  • Madridista703 USA
    Madridista703 USA

    Lol 4 arms

  • Madridista703 USA
    Madridista703 USA

    Lol omg I love this

  • Mayowan Kenobi
    Mayowan Kenobi

    Fox Fire Sale kind of way...I’m dead!

  • Aqua Fyre
    Aqua Fyre

    Guy ---------- So this is The Truman Show - meets Matrix - meets Ground-Hog Day ------- I like it :)

  • hajeongwoo watanabe
    hajeongwoo watanabe

    Iconic duo

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    Seeing Deadpool and Korg together is the funniest thing ever

  • Jadon Sheridan
    Jadon Sheridan

    Guys what if Deadpool is noobmaster69

  • August August
    August August


  • Thiccc Boi
    Thiccc Boi

    Hopefully this makes up for the inevitable disappointment of Deadpool 3. Can't wait to see what woke feminist shenanigans DP gets into this time!

  • Patato Fred
    Patato Fred

    Does this mean we’ll finally get a Korg movie with Deadpool as his sidekick?

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      POV dc fans are the one whos disliking this vid

  • MR O PR
    MR O PR

    Who the hell would dislike KORG!!!!!!!!!!

  • IN-DEO

    If it wasn’t for Ryan Reynolds I wouldn’t know how to act confident.

  • CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top
    CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top

    dang this is history

  • Beau Perry
    Beau Perry

    So when's the deadpool and krog pod coming out?

  • handsome playz_yt
    handsome playz_yt

    omg im a big fan

  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache
    Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    Imagine if deadpool said to him that he's actually noobmaster69 lmao

  • G R
    G R

    What the fuck is this supposed to be, Ryan? I thought that you hated your Green Lantern movie and now you insult our intelligence with this shit nugget? Bring out Deadpool 3, bro. I can relate to him. Hell, I even act like him.....since the 90' least. Just kidding! That was my Evil Captain Kirk impersonation. Green Lantern wasn't that bad. But, still, I'm waiting for Deadpool 3. Impatiently. Looking forward to seeing Nagasonic Teenage Borehead and Yukio, too!

  • Katrina Piper
    Katrina Piper

    "Canadian Cumberbatch" ha ha ha!

  • Niro Sylvan
    Niro Sylvan

    haha nice "disney plus show"

  • Kolin Martz
    Kolin Martz

    I still can’t decide weather free guy is a real movie or we are just being trolled.

  • Grainger 219
    Grainger 219

    “Canadian cumberbatch”😭😭🤣

  • Crazyshanechan

    Seems like a good time to go to the most part of the room

  • Robin Sordahl
    Robin Sordahl

    He should make fun of what Brian Young did to Iginio Straffi’s Winx Club.


    POV dc fans are the one whos disliking this vid

  • Jeremiah DeNounce
    Jeremiah DeNounce

    4.5k?? I did not expect that many haters.I didn't love it that much either but damn. The only reason I don't like it is bc the mcu needs a reboot especially bc of what they've done with spiderman.

  • DA RH
    DA RH

    I hope this film actually really finally gets released this fall!!

  • Blue Dwarf
    Blue Dwarf

    I would love to see deadpool in the mcu pissing the hulk off, hulk smash deadpool.....hulk sm.... oh fuck it

  • curt weisflog
    curt weisflog

    MORE DEADPOOL......OR ELENCE!!!!! please

  • John Smith
    John Smith


  • Case Kirby
    Case Kirby

    i would LOVE to see some spiderman and deadpool chemistry in the future

    • Bryan Dalley
      Bryan Dalley

      But Spiderman would probably spoil the movie! 😂

    • JoshInthesauce

      Deadpool: *Shows Aunt May Rule 34 Spider-Man: WTF?!

  • Ashy

    Drink Aviation Gin!

  • Chiekie Moon
    Chiekie Moon

    omg i cant wait to see htis movie!

  • Van Medeiros
    Van Medeiros

    Next to X Gon Give it to you, I think the next hard charging a** kicking song should be..

  • Blair Jameson
    Blair Jameson

    Please do more of 👍ALL OF THIS 👍

  • Lili Kataja
    Lili Kataja

    I liked deadhpooll 1 and 2 is tree soon

  • KG The Supreme
    KG The Supreme

    Eep: Guy!? Guy: That's not me!!! That's.......ooohh Free Guy: Wait, you're me!? I'm you??? Deadpool: ....yeap....awkward right!?

  • Akshay Kumar Brahma
    Akshay Kumar Brahma

    Cumberbatch 🤨 Easter egg or what

  • Ninja Mix
    Ninja Mix

    Deadpool should enter in Acting ! He has some good Acting Skills

  • Lone wolf 4221
    Lone wolf 4221

    Loki finale did the unimaginable.

  • Aaron Sanders
    Aaron Sanders

    This whole video is so meta.

  • RK TV
    RK TV

    11 M 😎

  • Rootin For Lenin Mk II
    Rootin For Lenin Mk II

    Is this what Boba looks like after the fall in the Sarlacc Pitt?

  • Eternity_Creeper (〃^▽^〃)
    Eternity_Creeper (〃^▽^〃)

    So awesome to see a local make it big!

    • Eternity_Creeper (〃^▽^〃)
      Eternity_Creeper (〃^▽^〃)

      @Babar Iqbal lol. Yeah so many noise complaints I tell you

    • Babar Iqbal
      Babar Iqbal

      Is korg your neighbor or something

  • ꧁ SpongeBobAndPatrickFan2006 #RoadTo1K ꧂
    ꧁ SpongeBobAndPatrickFan2006 #RoadTo1K ꧂

    Deadpool's now canon in the MCU.

  • Cole VonCole
    Cole VonCole

    A Deadpool and korg collab would be excellent

  • ameriscoo _YT
    ameriscoo _YT


  • Justin Littleton
    Justin Littleton

    Oh my god Deadpool this is awesome but not awesomer than ur movies

  • Hmm Doh
    Hmm Doh

    Green Lantern react to Free Guy XD

  • James Blackwood
    James Blackwood

    Ryan seems enthusiastic af about "Free Guy" but as someone who has actually seen looks like nothing new or special. I mean... I hope its good but it low key looks cliché

  • Arnau Ferrando Pascual
    Arnau Ferrando Pascual

    deadpool en el ucm. guau

  • Asrul Aswan
    Asrul Aswan


  • Shostz_YT

    3:24 isnt that police man Tom Holland? AHHAHAHAA